Clarion Group Provides Solutions and Uncovers Opportunities

We’re dedicated to improving the value and effectiveness of your food service operation.

dining service consultantsAT CLARION GROUP, we believe that quality and cost are partners and not adversaries. As experienced food service consultants, we’ve been providing solutions and uncovering opportunities successfully for companies, professional firms, colleges, universities, schools and international institutions nationwide since 1995.

We fulfill your vision with:

  • Our unique, client-centered approach. We focus on achieving the bottom line results you envision.
  • Interdisciplinary services in all aspects of food service and hospitality operations, planning and design to ensure integrated, effective results.
  • Real-life experience. Our consultants bring extensive, hands-on experience as food service operators to assure you that the solutions we develop are innovative, realistic and actionable.
  • Our knowledge of the food service industry: How it works, where to find the resources, who the players are and how to deal with them.

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Food Service Consultants
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Offering food service management consulting, hospitality services consulting, sustainable dining facility design. Nationwide food service consultants.

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