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New OT Pay Rule Adds to Labor Complexity NEW

Clients are now responsible for their on-site contractor’s legal compliance

Summer 2016   PDF

FDA Posts New Rules for Menu Calorie Labels NEW

Nutrition information for customers must be available by next May

Summer 2016   PDF

Food Safety — Part 1
How to Avoid Being the Next Chipotle

How well is your dining service following food safety practices?

Winter 2016   PDF

Food Safety — Part 2
Where to Start a Safe Food Program? The Basics

In the old days, which wasn’t so long ago, food safety was a minimal concern and there was no widely practiced system for ensuring it.

Summer 2016   PDF

Dining Helps Make Companies ‘Best to Work For’ NEW

From number one down to number 89, food and dining-related features arecited as benefits that helped put organizations on Fortune magazine’s 2016 list of “Best Companies to Work For.”

Summer 2016   PDF

Federal Agencies Applying NLRB ‘Joint Employer’ Rule

The National Labor Relations Board’s decision that an organization can be a “joint employer”with its on-site contractors has been adopted by other federal agencies in their enforcement activities.

Winter 2016   PDF

Health and Wellness — Part 1
The Transformation of On-Site Dining Service

First of two articles about changes in campus and corporate dining services to focus on nutritionand wellness.

Summer 2015   PDF

Health & Wellness – Part 2
Its Growing Role in On-Site Dining

Second of two articles about the changes in campus and corporate dining services to focus on nutrition and wellness.

Fall 2015   PDF

Office Coffee Service Is Becoming Pantry Service

The humble office coffee service (OCS) industry has expanded its offerings and profitability, a survey of operators by Automatic Merchandiser, a vending industry magazine, has found.

Fall 2015   PDF

How Happy Are Your Customers? Ask Them

The customer isn’t always right, but the customer’s always worth listening to.

Winter 2015   PDF

Customers See Soup, Salad As Healthy and ‘Craveable’ NEW

Consumers see soup and salad as traditional better-for-you meals, according to a report by Technomic, the market research firm.

Summer 2016   PDF

Outsourcing – Part 1:
Managing On-Site Contractors

First in a series describing ways to manage outsourced services

Fall 2011   PDF

Outsourcing – Part 2:
Don't Put the Contract in a Drawer and Forget It

Second in a series describing ways to manage outsourced services

Winter 2012   PDF

Outsourcing – Part 3:
What Should Your Service Provider Provide?

Third in a series describing ways to manage outsourced services

Spring 2012   PDF

Outsourcing – Part 4:
Playing With Numbers: Vendor Accounting

The first thing to understand about your on-site service provider’s accounting and financial reporting system is that, as the client, you’re entitled to complete and accurate, comprehensible reports, provided in a timely manner.

Fall 2012   PDF

Outsourcing – Part 5:
Keep Your Contractor Accountable for Results

Your vendor is responsible for developing the annual budget for its service, but your role as client can’t be passive. It’s your organization’s money that’s at stake.

Fall 2012   PDF

Outsourcing – Part 6:
Incentives Can Improve Performance, Reduce Costs

Everyone likes a bonus, and your on-site service provider and local service manager are not exceptions.

Spring 2013   PDF

Picking the Right Food Service Contractor

Picking the Right Food Service Contractor—Part 1

It’s not easy or simple and usually takes longer than you would expect

Summer 2009   PDF

Picking the Right Food Service Contractor—Part 2 

The fine art of an effective request for proposals

Fall 2009   PDF

Picking the Right Food Service Contractor—Part 3

Cut through the fluff to see what proposals mean

Winter 2010    PDF

Picking the Right Food Service Contractor—Part 4

Dual-Track Negotiating for a Food Service Contract

Spring 2010   PDF

Case Studies:

A series of reports of the results of Clarion projects, illustrating ways in which dining services are improved and new opportunities to increase value are created.


How Quality Improvement Plan Gets the Best from Contractor NEW

Summer 2016   PDF

Looking Back on 20 Years of Finding Solutions

Winter 2016   PDF

Bringing Order to a Disorganized Service

Fall 2015   PDF

From Scratch: Building a New Dining Service

Summer 2015   PDF

Converting a Campus Dining Service to P&L

Winter 2015   PDF

A Tale of Two Cities: Pick One Operator or Two?

Spring 2014   PDF

How a School Revitalized Its Dining Service

Fall 2013   PDF

A New Dining Service and a New Operator

Spring 2013   PDF


Know who you’re buying from NEW

Summer 2016   PDF

Why we’re expanding our resources / Keep food safety a high priority

Winter 2016   PDF

Union organizing isn't the biggest problem the NLRB has created

Fall 2015   PDF

Clarion Marks 20th Anniversary. What do contractors earn?

Summer 2015   PDF

Is your on-site service contractor really a partner – or a supplier?

Winter 2015   PDF

Short Takes NEW

• What is half of all food occasions?
• Social aspect of millennials
• Demand for slow-raised meat
• The summer's top trend

Summer 2016    PDF

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