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A large company was extensively renovating its headquarters and adding new meeting facilities, including state-of-the-art, built-in audio/visual systems. Some rooms are video-teleconferencing capable and all have projection and sound reinforcement systems.

But there was a problem: No one in the facilities services department knew how to operate and maintain the sophisticated new equipment.  Management determined the best solution was to outsource the responsibility to a professional A/V service company that could provide the needed specialists and other support.

Clarion was asked to develop a Statement of Work (SOW), the critical document of a Request for Proposals, and participate in the selection of a provider.

What We Did: We interviewed company executives and other frequent users of the meeting facilities to learn their needs and expectations. We researched current usage and determined the actual and anticipated uses, as well as the new systems’ capabilities.

We investigated the market to find the vendors best suited to submit proposals. The company values long-term stability and prefers to avoid long-distance relationships, so we looked closely at firms that had multi-year track records with their clients in the immediate metropolitan area.

Recommendations: We advised management to:

  • Include key end-users in the selection process to ensure a full buy-in.
  • Visit proposers’ current operations and discuss performance with their clients.
  • Select an A/V company on the basis of qualifications, with an emphasis on proposed on-site staff experience and satisfactory results for other clients, as well as cost.
  • Include performance incentives in the contract, based on customer satisfaction survey responses.
  • Include an option to extend the contract after the initial term as an incentive to the vendor to maintain a high level of performance and cost control, and to avoid frequent re-competitions that might lead to high turnover of A/V technicians.

The Process: We prepared a comprehensive SOW that the purchasing department incorporated into its Request for Proposals. When proposals were received, we participated in the preparation of an analysis matrix and provided a detailed pro/con review of the proposals. This permitted the company’s RFP team (purchasing, administrative and end-user personnel) to effectively compare offers and make an informed selection.

Our SOW and other recommendations were incorporated into the final contract.

Outcome: After more than five years, the company is enjoying an excellent relationship with the A/V vendor. The background work we performed remains of value should the company decide to re-compete the contract.

Clarion’s Value: We provided the expertise in A/V operations and services the company lacked, as well as the knowledge, experience and resources needed to conduct an effective, successful competitive vendor selection process. 

We tailor our efforts to fit your situation.

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